Dr. John Ayerst

I appreciate realistic paintings with great colour, thoughtfulness and depth perception. Ken Jackson’s art certainly contains all this and more. This is why I admire and acquire his talent.

Fred Sayers

Chairman of the Board

Chriscot Holdings Limited

I have been privileged to be a collector of Ken Jackson’s work for the past eleven years. We have a number of Ken’s paintings in our private and corporate collection. I know of no other artist who has the technical understanding of the medium and the complete painting process, as does Ken. He has been able to perfect the quality of his work because of the passion and intellect that he puts into the process. Ken has that unique ability to make you, the viewer, see and feel what he does when he executes his works. He is a master craftsman, an arts’ intellect, and a passionate, successful artist.

His work will stand the test of time.

George Emery

Professor of History

U. W. O.

My wife and I are proud owners of three original watercolours by Ken Jackson, as well as several Limited Edition Prints. The Originals represent an significant investment and are the key images in our living and dining rooms. We purchase our paintings carefully, with an eye to our type of home, the lighting and wall space in our various rooms and, of course, our tastes. Our Ken Jackson originals are spectacular successes. They enhance our home beautifully to our satisfaction and the enjoyment of our guests. Ken’s work readily pass our litmus test for painting excellence: we keep coming back to them, absorbed in their detail, thinking thoughts that they inspire in us. Simply put, they enrich our quality of life.

How to capture Ken Jackson’s genius into words? An analogy might be passing along the shore of a northern lake, choosing between my cousin’s speedy motorboat and Ken’s cedar-strip-canoe. The motorboat, like our lives, whizzes by. In contrast, the prow of Ken’s canoe moves slowly, allowing one to take in nature’s wonderful detail, its priceless seasonal changes, its varied life forms, its sounds, its smells, its ever-changing lighting at a particular specks of time. Ken’s work captures the way we observe nature-our inferred recognition of a certain object, blurred in our vision, but nested in similar objects more sharply presented. That is what we derive from Ken Jackson images-slow passages along out-of-the-way nature’s trails and coastlines whose richness is missed if one just whizzes by.

It also matters that we admire the artist behind the work, his values and philosophy, his gifts of observation. His sharing of himself, in conversation and through his work. Ken Jackson’s creations are special. So too is Ken Jackson.

Dr. Martyn Judson

I have had the good fortune to be familiar with the man and his work for twenty years. The first painting by Ken Jackson that I saw was on the day that I met him at his studio in London. He had just completed a breathtakingly beautiful scene of a single sculler making an early morning practice on the River Thames. Immediately I could identify the oarsman but of greater significance was that the peace, tranquility, serenity and also the power of rowing that was so convincingly portrayed. Like all Ken Jackson’s works, no matter what the medium, egg tempera, watercolour or pencil drawing, they always contain that emotive message that succinctly demonstrates that he is an artist who expresses his feelings through his brush or pencil. Ken Jackson captures the beauty of nature and life but yet still allows the observer to contribute those personal thoughts and sentiments which permits his art to be so meaningful. Every piece is distinct and captures the essence of the time, place and ambience no matter what the subject.

In the last twenty years, Ken has lived in several places and has met many people. These experiences make his work rich and robust with an air of confidence but yet his attention to meticulous details is never lacking. He will not be commissioned to paint but never declines an idea which may take many years to come to fruition. As a result, the maturity to his art is unquestioned.

Without a doubt, it can be said, ”You’re never alone with a Jackson”.

Steve Plunkett

As a supplier to the art and picture framing industry for fifteen years, I would see all the works from the major artists across North America. Ken Jackson’s work is as much and in most cases more detailed and lifelike than many of the more familiar names on the art scene. It’s for this reason that we own a number of Ken’s prints and originals in our home.

Judy and Serge Salens

We have known Ken Jackson for several years and always enjoy viewing his watercolours. Ken is very passionate about his work and is always willing to share his stories about a particular piece. He is able to capture in paint a moment and share it with us on a very personal level.

Two favorites of ours are,”Sea Spray” and “Northern Moments”. Their mood is not only quiet and reflective, but also dynamic and alive. With the fine details of his brush strokes, Ken weaves a tapestry of rich colour. Each painting invites you in to take part in the story that is unfolding. Yet there is a certain mystery in every watercolour that keeps you coming back again and again.

Ken Jackson’s work always makes you stop, look and wonder.



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